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How is Rubber Mulch Made

Tires are converted into rubber mulch by first shredding them in a tire granulation system, and then placing the shredded chips through a process using magnets to remove the steel cords, which tire manufacturers place into tires to reinforce the rubber compound. (Our mulch is guaranteed 99.9% steel-free. We recommend wearing shoes during play.) Dye is applied using a licensed process, which seals the rubber after the color is applied, so children will stay clean even in the rain, as it will not rub off on hands, shoes or clothes.

Rubber mulch is available by supersack or in bags. The size of the nuggets is a mixture of 3/8” and 3/4” rubber granules and chunks. You can choose either super sack or easy-to-lift bags delivered on a pallet. Both are delivered curbside for your convenience.